About wer2

Wer2 keeps you updated and covers all access of public transportation such as trains, buses and public taxi’s and with its integrated detailed mapping service, you will have direct access to information such as the estimated trip time, the route and kilometre tracking right at your fingertips. The different integrated features allow you to view alternative routes as well as giving you access to weather forecast information, ensuring that you are well prepared for your trip.

How it works

You will use the integrated search engine within Wer2 to find your destination and the app will then provide information such as:

  • where you can catch your specific transportation whether it be buses, cabs or taxi’s and trains
  • The gestures used to catch the taxi on the road
  • The fares of that specific taxi and the total price of the entire trip
  • The weather forecast of your destination
  • An integrated calculator to help with the fares in the taxi

If you will be using We2 to catch a Train the app will provide the following:

  • Scheduled times
  • Train fares
  • Wer2 will help monitor the train that you need to board and pin-point the location of other incoming trains on the map with the use of alerts from our notification centre.
  • The notification centre will keep tabs on all aspects of your trip making sure that you are well informed and prepared for anything that may arise.

Download Wer2 today and experience the trip for what it really is, an experience that allows you to take in the journey, you will have one less thing to worry about with your trusty Wer2.